NOLA Bar Given Seedy Shout Out

22:37 January 27, 2015
By: Staff

In NOLA we like to drink, and we take our imbibing quite seriously, we have old bars, and young bars, gay bars, and straight bars - and now we have one of the seediest bars in the country.

If you happened to be looking at Maxim this past month, for the articles of course, you would have seen their “19 Best Dive Bars in America”, which just so happens to feature a local favorite - BJ’s Lounge. While we congratulate BJ’s on the nationwide shout out, we have to say we’re a little surprised that more New Orleans’ spots didn’t make it on the list.

The joint, located in the Bywater, features free red beans and rice on Mondays as well as live music.

Yelp Reviews:

Not the cleanest or most modern, but it gets the job done.”

“Outside, you'll find two life-sized sculptures of the Blues Brothers. Great photo opportunity.”

“There are, maybe, 20 seats in the house, most of which appear to have been picked up from the sidewalks of New Orleans.”

“Let me describe it this way, if you took Cheers, Bud Light the road crew of Lynard Skynard you would have BJ's.”

“This joint is filled with drunken hipsters that consider themselves Bohemian but they really aren't.”


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