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06:05 December 22, 2014
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Lazy Workout Practices

New Orleans is already having a crazy winter! We have seen freezing and 80 degree temps all in the same week. Of course, the dipping temperature will have an effect on your motivation to workout. Don’t gain those extra holiday pounds just because of the weather. When the dreary, freezing days become a daily battle, here are a few tips to get just as good of a workout indoors:

On the couch

If you find yourself mindlessly sitting on the couch, do some Tricep dips! These are easy: just scoot down to the end of the couch, keep your hands on the edge, place your feet on the floor and dip your bottom to the floor. You can also utilize your couch to help you with a couple of crunches! Put your toes underneath the couch so you have pressure keeping your feet stationary and pull your upper body towards your knees.

Watch TV from an imaginary chair

Find a wall, in view of the TV that is playing that can’t miss holiday special, and place your back against it. Position your body like you are sitting and hold the position for as long as you can! This exercise will strengthen your legs (and posture!).

On the floor

If you find yourself procrastinating by laying down while pondering life and thinking of all the holiday shopping you need to get done, you might as well get a work out in. A great (silly) workout while laying is the Superman. Get on the floor face down and lift your arms straight in front of you on the floor and lift your feet up. Stretch both your upper and lower body as if you are trying to touch opposite sides of the room.


If you have stairs in your house, run up and down them a couple of times. This will get your heart rate going. If you don’t have stairs, run in place! Or, better yet, invest in a jump rope. Five minutes of intense jump roping can be equivalent to a 15-minute run!

About Nolan Ferraro, Owner, Salire Fitness and Wellness

Certified personal trainer and licensed wellness coach Nolan Ferraro has been recognized as the #1 Best Personal Trainer in New Orleans.

Nolan counts Chef Susan Spicer among the thousands of New Orleanians who have gotten in shape with Salire's high-impact fitness programs like “Power in the Park” a month-long cross-training boot camp in City Park. He has also added a new high intensity interval training class, Body Blitz, at his studio. Visit www.salirefitness.com for more information on Nolan and Salire Fitness & Wellness. 

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