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New “Allstate Sugar Bowl Corporate Classic” Announced for This Fall!

15:00 October 22, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

If you're one to make healthy lifestyle goals, chances are those around you are just as motivated to make the necessary changes to be healthier as well. Fortunately for anyone willing to take steps to improve inside and out, you have the opportunity to run to your goal on Saturday, November 13.

So, here's what's going on: Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic and YMCA of Greater New Orleans officials have partnered up for an exciting fusion of the CCC Fall Classic and YMCA Corporate Cup to be called the "Allstate Sugar Bowl Corporate Classic."

The race will consist of 3.1 miles and is NOLA's first in-person race since the pandemic impacted the city in March 2020. It will start at City Park, making the 1,300-acred area perfect for the athletic pursuit.

The YMCA launched the Corporate Cup in 1960 and has served as an advantage to adult literacy courses and initiatives throughout the New Orleans Area. Beginning in 1986, the Crescent City Fall Classic has always focused on education initiatives in New Orleans. The YMCA Educational Services (YES) Adult Literacy Program works closely with the New Orleans Public Library and has the support from the inaugural Corporate Classic.

"When the idea was tossed out to combine the CCC's Fall Classic and the YMCA's Corporate Cup into one event, it made perfect sense," Crescent City Classic Race Director Eric Stuart said.

Stuart said he looks forward to continuing the focus on education and is hopeful about new traditions on the rise for the fall. To register for the Corporate Classic in City Park, visit The Corporate Classic page. Register early for a discounted rate of $35—this offer only lasts until November 5.

The President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater New Orleans, Gordon R. Wadge, expressed excitement by stating, "The YMCA of Greater New Orleans and the Crescent City Classic are two well-known and trusted non-profit organizations in New Orleans. It seemed like a natural fit to join our two long-time races, the Corporate Cup and the Fall Classic, to provide an even better experience for our participants and supporters."

Find more information and updates on the Corporate Classic and the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic 2021 race series schedule at Crescent City Classic.

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