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Networking in NOLA with the Young Professional Society (YPS)

11:06 March 22, 2017
By: Sheri McKee

Thirty-somethings definitely have more to cheer about in the Post-K NOLA since socializing and networking has become even easier with the Young Professionals Society. Originally named the Young Professionals Social, founded by the late Jes-Z Barrera in October 2006, YPS provides a relaxing environment where individuals can meet with old friends or build new relationships both professionally and socially. After Barerra’s death in October 2007, a group of his friends took over the organization and re-named it the Young Professionals Society. YPS has since expanded to over 300 members, continuing to grow each month.

At each Young Professional Society social event, there are many free giveaways, including free hors D’oeuvres, drink specials, and one secret door prize. The purpose of the Young Professional Society is to mix and mingle with peers, while making new friends and contacts in a fun and exciting environment. This social networking event allows professionals to share their ideas and pool their resources.

Many YPS attendees are volunteers for many charitable organizations such as Young Leadership Council, Bridge House, and March of Dimes—just to name a few. Many YPS members are exciting, fun, and unique, from doctors to forensic pathologists to business owners to restaurateurs to singles just wanting to meet other singles with a full set of teeth (wooden okay). YPS represents the true New Orleanian—les Bon Temps Roulez!

The Young Professionals Society helps the “New Orleans Rebirth” campaign by supporting the local businesses in the community, meeting around the city at various venues. The elected board members meet each month to discuss the next exciting social. Because of their popularity, many local venues contact YPS to have the opportunity to host their socials and get added to the yearly calendar. Each new social location is chosen two months in advance from a pre-selected list of local businesses that have contacted YPS about planned events. The event days, times, and locations are posted on the YPS Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nolayps, with YPS socials taking place monthly on Thursdays.

If you are a young professional interested in networking with peers in an exciting social setting, making valuable contacts with our professionals, and learning how to improve your business strategies, you should consider being a part of this exceptional organization. Whether you’re bored from going to the local pub or just want to try something new, and meet people that are really making things happen for New Orleans, come out and celebrate the New Year with YPS each month. Anyone can join by attending one of the socials or visiting the website at www.nolayps.com and signing up for FREE!

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