Natchez Could Be Your Next Home
Feb 17 2021

Natchez Could Be Your Next Home

By: Valeria Vivas

Natchez, Inc., Natchez, Vidalia, and Adams County's leading economic and community development agency, announced it was encouraging remote workers to relocate to Natchez, Mississippi as part of its new incentive program, the Shift South Incentive. The incentive helps workers affected by the pandemic to relocate to Natchez for a more affordable cost of living and to experience the art, entertainment, festivals, parks, beauty, and so much more of the historic city.

The city of Natchez is the first community to offer this incentive program in Mississippi. Remote workers are given the chance to purchase property in Natchez with a minimum value of $150,000 and be able to receive up to $2,500 in reimbursement for relocation expenses, as well as $300 a month for one year to cancel out first year expenses. Remote workers would even be allowed to continue with their current employers that are outside of Natchez and Mississippi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many employers and employees to shift their spending habits in a dramatic way. Money isn't flowing for some people as it used to, and now Natchez, Inc. is motivated to helping lead the city's economy towards recovery by providing this Shift South Incentive. Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson was excited to announce the new program, expressing, "We are excited to be the first and only city in the Deep South to offer an incentive package like this to remote workers! In this new day, where so many people are able to work from home, we can think of no better place than Natchez. Our warm and friendly people, along with the river, our history, and our beautiful sunsets, make this a great city to call home."

For more information on the Shift South Incentive or about relocating to Natchez, contact the Natchez, Inc. office at or visit its website at

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