Music Icon Big Freedia?s Memoir Now in Paperback
Nov 12 2020

Music Icon Big Freedia’s Memoir Now in Paperback

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The New Orleans-born-and-raised music icon Big Freedia is happily rereleasing a memoir detailing her early life, coming-out story, and rise to the stardom she now enjoys. Originally published in 2015, the book, entitled Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva!, is set to be released to the public in paperback form on the first day of December. Any and all fans of the Queen of Bounce should make sure to mark their calendars, as they will not want to miss this. The 42-year-old performer has been officially active since 1999 and shows no signs of stopping her signature performances of the now-popularized bounce subgenre of hip hop.

As a guest vocalist in many popular hip-hop songs nowadays and a laudable performer in her own right, Big Freedia enjoys a career steeped in bounce music with a unique New Orleans flavor. She has provided vocals for many of hip hop's and rap's biggest contemporary names, such as Lizzo and Kanye West. She is regarded as both the Queen of Bounce and as one of the leading figures in the late 90s who were instrumental in bringing this subgenre out of the underground and into a more popular setting. This memoir represents the first time that she will put all of her life into a single cohesive narrative for any interested parties to enjoy.

As Rolling Stone aptly describes it, the book is an interesting juxtaposition of Big Freedia's upbringing in the most destitute and dangerous areas of New Orleans and her well-loved bright and bouncy stage persona. She often describes the fun atmosphere and extravagant shows as a way of enjoying life and a salvation from the malice and harshness of her childhood.

For more information on Big Freedia's book, click HERE.

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