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Mija Poised to Crank Out a Genre-Resistant Headlining Set at Republic This Saturday

June 02, 2017
By: 2Fik

Dance music aficionados more concerned with free-flowing beats than honoring the specs of a particular genre or subgenre, listen up. Mija, known initially for her breakout sunrise b2b set with Skrillex at Bonnaroo 2014, is set to ignite EDM lovers of all stripes when she headlines Republic NOLA this Saturday, June 3, with openers Buku and CRWNS.

To say Mija (Amber Giles) brings a fresh face to the EDM world would be a vast understatement. From her distinct fashion sense and penchant for wild and fanciful hair colors to her genre-hopping live sets and budding discography, Mija defies conformity at every turn. Picture a moshpit dream girl raging at Siberia on a Thursday, hustling to promote a concert-meets-fashion-show at Castillo Blanco on Friday, then wailing on the decks at Republic NOLA on Saturday. Now you can imagine the New Orleans-esque doppelganger of the headlining musician you’re about to see.

Mija Poised to Crank Out a Genre-Resistant Headlining Set at Republic This Saturday

Mija is one of those well-rounded creative people who seem to splatter a dash of glitter on every project she touches. Whether it was her childhood as a successful touring vocalist; her early-on dabbling in fashion design, which has since become her Made By Mija line; her stint as a Phoenix events promoter; and finally her own DJing-turned-creative musical outlet, Mija has devised a name for herself simply by being ferociously and unapologetically true to herself. Here in New Orleans, that kind of spirit is in good company, and the reactions to her set this weekend will undoubtedly put that creative camaraderie on display.

Her biggest singles alone demonstrate Mija’s notable range in genre, sampling, and general musical inspiration. At one moment, listeners can nod their heads to massive summer singles like 2016’s “Better” (produced with Vindata) and its baby doll vocal samples that are cotton candy sweet without being unpalatably cloying. The next moment, “Crank It” (2014), a collaboration between Mija and Ghastly, showcases her potential for crafting crowd-pleasing bangers and features a vocal interlude by none other than Lil’ Jon. Darker drum ‘n’ bass-driven tracks like “Secrets,” which Mija dropped earlier this year, serve as a testament to her roots in punk, metal, and house music while authenticating her sole creative desire: to make EDM more fluent and less rigorously divided and subdivided.

And that’s before taking into account her work on last fall’s FK A GENRE tour. This nationwide experiment focused on pushing the limits of not just her music but of artists she admires, from A-Trak and Eprom to Kill the Noise and TOKiMONSTA. She encouraged collaborations and tearing down the genre-related confines of what these artists were famous for. In the end, Mija was able to facilitate a level of musical expression and innovation that was nothing short of a gift for privileged attendees.

Mija Poised to Crank Out a Genre-Resistant Headlining Set at Republic This Saturday

These tracks are sure to join other notable collaborations and material from what we can only hope will soon be Mija’s first official EP or album release when she takes over the Republic NOLA stage Saturday night. A DJ first, Mija will seamlessly weave her own tracks with those of other musicians, but this genre-bending femme fatale is now finally stretching her legs in terms of the creativity she brings to her own original music. If New Orleans is lucky, Mija will leave the crowd with a few tastes of what’s to come from this spontaneous creative soul.

And if you see Mija before or after her set, be sure to wish her a belated “Happy Birthday”—Giles just hit the big 2-5 on May 30.

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