Mardi Gras Confessions

06:00 February 01, 2016
By: Julie Mitchell

Let’s face it, we’ve all done things at one time or another during Mardi Gras that we’re not proud of. But, as the saying is often applied to these types of situations, “What happens at Mardi Gras, stays at Mardi Gras.” Except for now. Where Y’at took to the streets and asked locals about some of their wildest Carnival experiences. 

“I stole someone’s family’s folding chair when I was 16 to pass out in.” –Mary D.

“I saw a bunch of frat boys tip over a port-a-potty with one of their brothers inside.” –Sarah W.

“I crouched down in the middle of the street in an octopus costume, spread my tentacles and peed right there. No one noticed, so it wasn’t that embarrassing.” –Anne V.

“A woman stole the actual shoe off of my foot during Muses and I had to fight her for it.” –Gabie Sonnier

“I was kissed on the mouth on Bourbon Street by a stranger whom I’m pretty sure was a bride at her Bachelorette Party.” –Dustin S.

 “I snuck a PB&J sandwich in to a strip club and ate it in the back” –John N.

“At Muses last year a drunk guy who was standing next to me for like 15 minutes turned to me and said, slurring, 'I could tell you 10 things I hate about your beard.' I told him to piss off…I didn’t want to hear the reasons.” –Quinn M.

“For a few minutes one year my friend and I convinced people that a random port-a-potty on the street was ours and we charged people to use it.” –Lauren L.

“When I was a kid, we had a BBQ pit in the back of a truck and were grilling at a parade. Some drunk guy on a float threw a full beer bottle at us which spilled on my brother (who was six). My mom grabbed a pork chop off the grill and threw it back at the guy. Some cops came and pulled him off the float.” –Leah P.

“I almost caught my friend’s house on fire during Cajun Mardi Gras one year because I left my nasty mud-frozen sock on top of a heater and wandered off to drink more.” –Alison G.

“My friend dressed up as a Marie Antoinette kind of person and I was dressed as a mermaid. We both had really overdone our makeup. This woman in her 60s came up to us, and kept saying things like, 'You guys really outdid yourselves,' and 'You guys look stunning.' At the very end of out interaction, she grabbed my boob and said, 'They just look so real! Good on you.' Then I realized what she thought when she kept referring to us as 'guys', she thought we were  drag queens.” –Alicia B.

“I spent the night at my friends house on Tchoup. When I woke up I had to walk home (about 30 minutes) because my car was completely blocked in by floats.” –Flor S.

“I made out with a Rolling Elvis while he was piloting his scooter (during Muses).”-Grace R.

“I live in a building downtown and don’t bother locking the door to my aptarment very often. I once had a random drunk girl walk into my bedroom during Mardi Gras, make direct eye contact with me, then scuddle out without saying a word.” –Vanessa S.

“I once flew into a car from a tire swing after my 6’4” tall friend lifted me up as high as he could and then let me go. Later, I caught a duck after wading into a stranger’s duck pond.” –Clelie A.

“One time (very drunk) I met a girl also named Julia and started crying (literally wailing to this total stranger), 'It’s just mom and dad gave me that name.'” –Julia D.

"One year, my friends and I bought plastic gas cans from a corner store and filled them to the top with beer. We got the ideas from a Lil' Jon music video. I can't count how many people stopped us to ask if we were drinking anyone would actually do that. One bar owner thought it was such a clever idea he actually topped us all off, free of charge." –Greg R.

“My friend Smitty found an old wheelchair at Goodwill and decided to wheel around all Mardi Gras Day. He went to the truck parades and got piles and piles of beads. When he got up and started walking, everyone yelled at him. He replied 'I wasn’t faking it, I just didn’t feel like walking.'" –Virginia W. 

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