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Lunch is Brewing

17:45 June 11, 2015
By: Kim Ranjbar

There care a lot of dads out there whose idea of the perfect Father’s Day likely consists of drinking beer on the couch in their boxer shorts, munching on pretzels and watching whatever might be on ESPN … without interruption. Perhaps there’s a way to convince Dad to get off the couch and enjoy a day on the town if you promise he can drink his beer and eat it too!

Maybe, just maybe, Dad would be willing to hop in the car and head to the Riverbend for a sandwich to end all sandwiches at The Sammich. Have him bask in the sun on the front porch or kick it inside with a couple of flat-screened TVs while you place an order for a classic BBQ Shrimp “sammich,” where the large Gulf shrimp are marinated and cooked in Abita Turbo Dog and then served on crusty Leidenheimer French bread with blackened avocado mayonnaise. You might as well splurge on a side of Duck Debris Fries smothered in duck gravy and duck cracklins; he is your only Pa, after all. 

Over on Freret Street you both can relax outside in the shade, guzzle a few brews and chomp down on one of Dat Dog’s most popular items, the Guinness Dog, which the restaurant claims is “made in heaven” but is actually a frank that’s been soaked in that lovable Irish stout, which is pretty darn close. Throw in some Crawfish Etouffée Fries and your pop’s choice of beer and the afternoon will be a complete success, especially if your smartphone reports the latest news in the wide, wide world of sports.

Speaking of Irish, perhaps Dad will be down for a little soccer with his beer. Over at The Irish House on St. Charles Avenue, Chef Matt Murphy is busting out his hometown delicacies like Shepherd’s Pie and Bangers & Mash. You and your pop can sidle right up to the bar for his crispy Beer-Battered Fish & Chips served with house-made tartar sauce and malt vinegar. Believe it or not, the batter is made with good ole Budweiser, making the fish a little less Irish but not a bit less fabulous.  

Perhaps I should cut dads a little more slack. After all, it’s entirely possible (and in New Orleans, highly likely) that dear old Dad is a music lover and would like nothing more than to enjoy an evening of great local music, heavenly food and a few delightful draughts. Right outside of the French Quarter on Frenchmen Street, Dad can have all he desires and more inside one of the grooviest clubs in the Marigny, Three Muses. While swinging to the tunes of Luke Winslow-King or Glen David Andrews, Dad can devour a plate of Beer-Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly served on crispy scallion pancakes and topped with apple chutney. What kind of beer, you ask? Chef Daniel Esses uses whatever’s in season, and right now that happens to be Saison d’Ecrevisses from Bayou Teche Brewing.  

Finally, in a last-ditch effort, just drag your dad to Ale, where there’s a plethora of beer to choose from, daily happy hour specials and several televisions so he won’t miss the big game. Located on Oak Street in the Carrollton area, Ale is a newcomer to the New Orleans bar scene that shares a courtyard with the neighboring wine bar Oak. Conveniently, they also feature a menu designed by Chef Mike Ball that includes such snacks as fried pickles, duck confit queso fundido, and salty soft pretzels served with beer cheese fondue. Ball keeps it local by using Abita Amber in the fondue, adding just enough hoppy flavor to keep dad dipping.  

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