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Louisiana Ranks Number 3 as Top State for Solo Living

12:00 March 30, 2022
By: Frances Deese

In a study from Nice Rx, Louisiana is ranked as the third best state for living solo. The study was based on nine different factors that are part of what makes taking the plunge to live alone manageable. These include median monthly rent for a one bedroom, the percentage of single person households, safety score, the cost of living index score, number of activity groups per 100,000, number of hospitals per 100,000, number of health centers per 100,000, average health insurance cost, and the overall solo living score out of 10.

Overall, Louisiana ranked 6.3 out of 10 as the best state for solo living. One of the top reasons for this is the relatively low cost of living. At an average of $866 a month for a one bedroom it's among the top ten for the lowest cost in rent. There is also a higher number of single person households. This means there are more people willing to put themselves out there and meet others.

Louisiana also ranks high for the number of hospitals and health centers per 100,000. This can make a huge difference when deciding on a place for your next move. Being close to hospitals can lead to more preventative care. This also can create a sense of safety knowing that you can have access to care and resources during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Ease of access to health centers is great for being able to exercise and create a fitness routine. Health centers serve not only as a benefit to the body but can help those new to an area feel a sense of community.

Another area that Louisiana ranked high in is the number of activity groups per 100,000. With the highest score out of the top nine states, this ensures that the jump from living with others to living independently will provide entertainment and other activities to do. It's known as the festival capital of America. Mardi Gras may be a highlight but there are all sorts of festivals year round, from music festivals like New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to food themed ones such as New Orleans Beignet Fest or French Market Creole Tomato Festival. In addition, the endless amount of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more provides endless opportunities to casually meet people and provides venues for connections.

Making the jump to decide to live alone can be a scary one, but the state of Louisiana makes it much easier than other places. While the factors featured in the study will contribute to one's happiness and success in solo living, the culture in this state will also make you feel at home. With an emphasis on friendliness and community ties, you never feel alone for too long. However, all that the state and its cities have to offer will provide a great spring board for allowing you to get out and explore who you are and what excites you out of life.

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