Local artists Keep on Jammin'

01:00 April 11, 2011


Come the first Saturday in April, when the sun sets and the working folk retire... local New Orleanians will descend upon the New Orleans Art District to celebrate art, life, and “N’awlins Blues” for the 6th annual Jammin on Julia art walk.

Bringing together a rich history and eclectic culture, New Orleans has long been a mecca for free-thinking art, drawing the best-ofthe-best for hundreds of years... and this year is no different. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or are new to the city, Jammin on Julia is a must-do for the art connoisseur, critic, or just the curious.

Presented by the Downtown Development District and sponsored by the Renaissance Art Hotel, this year’s event will feature a combination of 21 local art galleries and museums mainly centered around Julia Street, which will come together to welcome the local foot traffic with extended hours from 6pm - 9pm in order to enjoy an evening stroll as they peruse the offerings of many local painters, sculptors, photographers and other craftsman.

Enjoy the cool Spring weather as you meander through the open doors of over 21 art galleries as the sounds of local musicians and friendly chatter fill the air. Don’t forget to grab a drink or a bite from one of the local vendors set up along the path. Check out the ARIODANTE Contemporary Craft Gallery which will showcase paintings by Taft Mc- Whorter, jewelry by Belle Bijoux, and Drake’s glass photography. Stroll down to Soren Christiansen Gallery and admire the earthly inspired paintings of Michael Marlowe. Those with an eye for the more abstract art should check out Gallery Bienvenue which showcases up and coming American artists and sculptors. Even stop by the Louisiana Crafts Guild for unique, handmade pieces made entirely by Louisiana craftsmen.

Although Jammin on Julia is free to attend, don’t forget your wallets because since it takes place in an official Louisiana Cultural district, there is NO SALES TAX on any original works purchased! There’ll be music; there’ll be drink; and with a casual attire everyone is sure to have fun. Got kids? Bring them, too! The Louisiana Children’s Museum will be open for them to explore their artistic sides as well! Throw on some blue jeans, grab the family and friends and let’s show everyone our more cultured side. —Tyler C. Lott

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