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Latest Stats Prove Coronavirus is on the Rise Again

14:10 June 09, 2020
By: John Glover

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, the number of COVID-19 cases reached a new high yesterday. Whether or not that high will be a peak or not remains to be seen but seems unlikely, given that the number of cases has been trending upward.

What's more: The WHO, according to CNBC reporting, also says that most people in the world are still susceptible to getting the virus. Many people might not have come into contact with the virus yet. Despite what you may have heard or what scientists might suspect, the contention that people who have already contracted the virus cannot get it again has not been demonstrated conclusively. Public health experts stress that we're still in uncharted territory here.

The WHO statement, given yesterday, could hardly have been coincidental, given the reawakening of economic activity in recent weeks. The organization appears to be playing its customary role of being the rain on the parade of premature attempts to bring things back to normal on the part of governments. "The biggest threat right now is complacency," said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

In speaking about the United States, WHO officials seemed particularly concerned about the recent mass gatherings of protestors against the police shooting of the unarmed African American civilian, George Floyd, in Minneapolis. The WHO people stressed that while they supported protests against racism, the timing of these protests risks facilitating a coronavirus rebound.

According to data compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus disease rates have already been on the uptick since Memorial Day last month.

Though President Trump cut ties with the WHO and pledged to defund the organization, the WHO continues to collaborate with officials inside the US. They say that they work closely with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as various academic institutions.

At this time, the WHO is stressing vigilance and active surveillance. They say it's going to take a population knowledgeable and aware of what's happening in the world with the coronavirus to keep the situation from deteriorating.

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