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00:00 June 30, 2011
By: David Vicari
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Direct and potent as a lightning strike, nothing packs a throat-numbing punch like moonshine. There's no need to raid your uncle's still, because this strand of whiskey is sparking up bars all over New Orleans..
Get your schooling at Cochon, which carries more brands of moonshine than they do vodka. "We're a Southern restaurant, and moonshine is part of the Southern lifestyle," said Brian Fuller, bar manager at Cochon. They offer a terrific trio of moonshine shots, in two grades: traditional and sissy.

If it's your first time, lead with the fruity renditions. Moonshine is a neutral spirit, only firing up the pure flavors with which you infuse it.

Cochon's sissy list might include Junior Johnson's Apple Pie, blended with apple juice and jarred with a cinnamon stick, or the very approachable Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine, an 80-proof shot of smooth caramel that owes its spice to nutmeg and vanilla as much as to corn mash. I also liked Junior Johnson's Strawberry 'shine: infused with whole berries, it has all the tart freshness of the fruit without any added sweetness.
For a more cracklin' spirit, go for the traditional minis. When I went, these included the blinding White Dog Mash #1 (so intense I couldn't even finish a shot) or Death's Door (the name fits this hot, dry spirit). Just like a pit crew changes tires on a stock car, so Cochon rotates the flavors of these moonshine minis. $15 for a trio.
Here, two simple moonshine cocktails from the folks at Dorignac's:

Chocolate Martini
Like a lush Irish cream liqueur, electrified.

  • 1.5 oz Chocovine (chocolatey red wine)
  • .5 oz Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine
  • Mix in a shaker with ice, strain into a martini glass.
  • Serves 1

Strawberry and Soda
Fresh berries from the garden…if that garden's way out in the woods.

2 oz. Midnight Moon Strawberry over ice, with a splash of soda.
Serves 1

Cochon—930 Tchoupitoulas St., 588.2123
Dorignac's—710 Veterans Blvd., 834.8216

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