JT the Publicist x Christian Milian At Eiffel Society

00:00 January 01, 1970

Behind every business man in the forefront, there’s always a team of reliable constituents to help make you become the “greatness” that you are.

Meet Jonathan Thomas…

Known as “JT the Publicist” in the New Orleans world of publicists and connections, Mr. Thomas celebrated his birthday yesterday (Oct. 16) in conjunction with town party businessman Larry Morrow at Eifel Society off St. Charles Avenue.

To help add a little celebrity color, “Dip It Low” singer Christina Milian assisted in hosting duties alongside gal pal Karreuche Tran.

JT is the owner of Ascension Branding and Marketing and takes great pride in his work within the community with other prominent leaders to help make moves for the city’s economic growth and development through the entertainment channel.  

Not one to lose his composure when in the company of others, JT brought in his birthday with style, class and regality fit for a publicist.

On the celebrity front, Milian and Tran provided patience and warmth with congenial spirits when asked by birthday attendees for pictures. We live in a world where perhaps selfies have become the new autograph for the current generation. Who could blame you? The downfall is running the risk of a blurry picture only to ask, “Umm, can we do one more? I didn’t like that.” The rule of thumb is to always take two pictures just in case the first one isn’t illustrative of your vision. The Los Angeles residents gave professionalism in alignment to their public stance.

Milian’s stop in New Orleans was also greeted by the “Woman of Hope” for the Women’s Bag Brunch and nonprofit organization IrvingMorris Foundation. The actress was honored for her philanthropy and pursuits in entertainment.

While JT had the “Man of the Hour” aura surrounding him, regulars at Eiffel can’t forget that Morrow himself was in the building being the businessman he always is. His partnership with JT has helped to grow not only Morrow’s brand but JT’s as well which has made for one great business marriage.

While you can always count on Morrow to throw one heck of a party, leave it to JT to pull the strings of business behind the scenes to help promote any project thrown his way.

Fans of Milian can catch the singer on the live remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which will premiere on Fox. She’ll be playing the compliant castle maid Magenta.

Look forward to more celebrity themed parties hosted by Morrow and JT while in New Orleans; they do not disappoint. 

Check out a few pics below of JT and more:


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