Ida Recovery
Sep 02 2021

Ida Recovery

By: Staff

Our hearts go out to those who have suffered the wrath of Hurricane Ida. New Orleans looks forward to the return of normalcy once power and services are returned. In other parts of Southeast Louisiana, it will be many months of rebuilding as some of those places suffered irreplaceable damage.

For those still physically in Louisiana, please continue to show love and support for your neighbors. If you have evacuated, consider staying away until officials state that it's safe to return. If you love Louisiana and are heartbroken by the devastation, please consider a donation to an organization like the Cajun Navy, Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Culture Aid NOLA, and the Crescent City Farmers Market's Crescent Fund.

Louisiana is resilient, and we will recover from Ida as we have from other disasters that have challenged our region over the centuries.

- Josh Danzig, Publisher

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