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Greater New Orleans, Inc. Launches New Website

12:00 January 11, 2022
By: Gracie Wise

Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.) recently launched StartupNOLA, a website designed to support and promote the 10-parish entrepreneurial ecosystem of southeast Louisiana.

The new website includes a map of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, descriptions of local industries for job seekers, a blog that posts economic success stories, a database of startups and support networks in the market, and case studies of companies' business practices.

"We felt that a 'single point of entry' to this community would help make it more accessible and successful for founders, investors, and even people who want to work at new companies," Michael Hect, president and CEO of GNO, Inc. said.

According to Gay Le Breton, managing director of Chaffe & Associates, StartupNOLA will help aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and founders become acquainted with the startup community in the area. This will encourage entrepreneurs to flock to southeast Louisiana to open more businesses.

"With the combination of the region's universities and advanced manufacturing, technology, and healthcare industries, we have the intellectual infrastructure to accelerate the development of startups in our market," Breton said.

Over the past 15 years, southeast Louisiana has gained attraction due to its unique culture, history, and community. This led to an increase in business opportunities and openings, which turned it into an entrepreneur's paradise. Despite facing challenges from COVID-19 restrictions, Hurricane Ida, and the Hard Rock Hotel collapse, there have been over a dozen startup exits from major companies such as Sunpro Solar, Lucid, and Levelset, which is vital to the region's recovery.

In addition, New Orleans is the best place for investors to gain more capital thanks to affordable costs, strong business incentives, and networking opportunities.

"The recent success from local startups, as demonstrated by an increased level of growth and exits by Greater New Orleans companies, will attract even more capital and participation in this market," Breton said.

For more information, visit startupnola.com.

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