Going Green on Cinco de Mayo

00:00 May 04, 2012
By: 2Fik
[Where Y'At Staff/Provided Photo]

Spanish Vegan Dining for MAY 5

This Cinco de Mayo, instead of piling on the pork and ground beef, why not silence your inner carnivore and embrace the greener side of life? vegetables, especially in Mexican dining, are a fresh, colorful, and healthy way to experience the flavors of this tasty cuisine without packing on the pounds.

Just try wrapping your hands around a marinated and grilled vegetable burrito from Felipe's tacqueria, velvet Cactus's vegan portobello mushroom tacos with garlic, truffle oil and pine nuts (substitute plantains for the black beans which are cooked in chicken stock), or el Gato negro's sizzling squash, poblano pepper, and zucchini fajitas. For appetizers, look no further than nacho Mama's southwest egg rolls and spicy Mamachitas—just be sure to slow the burn with their signature "Cactus Cooler," made with cilantro, spiced rum, lime juice, and a splash of sprite.

And if waiting for a table at a restaurant isn't your thing, hit up the taceaux Loceaux food truck for their "all Hat, no Cattle" tacos made with spiced black beans, cabbage, rice, cilantro, radish, salsa picante and crema on a flour tortilla. Just follow them at @tLnoLa on twitter to find out their exact location.

New Orleans isn't short on Mexican dining options come May 5 and, luckily, most cater to vegetarians and vegans. so whether you decide to dine in or out this Cinco de Mayo, be inspired to bring a little green to the table. Besides, after that second margarita, you won't even miss the meat.

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