Gogol Bordello

12:01 October 26, 2014

Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy-punk band hailing from Manhattan, is known for its theatrical shows and unique sound. With a violin incorporated into a punk band, you know you’re in for something pretty great. All the more reason to see this band live at this year’s Voodoo Fest, where the band will be playing tracks from their eight successful albums.
The band’s lead singer, Eugene Hutz, uses his creative energy on stage, on film and in DJ booths. Originally from Ukraine, Hutz received English lessons as he listened to his favorite rock musicians, which would later influence his own musical career. Where Y’at sat down with Hutz to talk about his upcoming Voodoo performance.

WYAT: How would you describe Gypsy music? What does it mean to you? Some background, for those who are unfamiliar: how would you describe it?
Eugene Hutz: Absolutely not reflected toward traditional gypsy music. It’s a more adventurous kind of music; it can be confusing, but it’s a combination of gypsy, punk, rock. It can’t be fit into any box. 

WYAT: I read that your background has largely influenced the band’s music. What song would you say reflects your background the most?
Hutz: It would depend on my mood, mainly. All of my songs reflect my background, and I don’t have one that I look forward to the most. We have full emotional range at each show. 

WYAT: You met some of the band’s members in New York. How did the band come together from there?
Hutz: It was more of a cumulative process, over the course of a few years, just gaining more members and meeting more people. It happened gradually. We came through evolutions of our own and as a band, and it will only keep forming. 

WYAT: Your stage presence has brought about some interesting shows. What has been your favorite performance so far?
Hutz: On stage, you become a whole new version of yourself, so it’s hard to pick just one specific show. I have a lot of kinship with Latin culture, so South America (Argentina, Brazil and Colombia) have had some pretty memorable shows. 

WYAT: What can the audience expect from Gogol Bordello at this year’s Voodoo Fest?
Hutz: Nothing is pre-planned; it’s like mixed musical/martial arts, and you can’t have a scenario for a show. Any scenario is a failure already. Going to New Orleans is already a good feeling, and it gives its own special spin on anything. 

Catch Gogol Bordello at 5:30 p.m. at the Carnival Stage on Sun., Nov. 2.

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