Girl Scout Cookies Are Back!
Jan 12 2021

Girl Scout Cookies Are Back!

By: Laurel Shimasaki

The "Cookies are coming!" exclaims a blue banner on the Girl Scouts' website. The image shows pictures of the full cookie team, including the cookie MVP (Thin Mints), the cookie power-forward (Samoas), and the cookie mascot (Trefoils with the iconic Girl Scout logo imprinted). If that weren't enough to get excited about, this year's rookie on the roster is Toast-Yay!, a promising addition to the lineup that comes in packing French-toast flavor and shaped like a mini-toast sandwich.

Girl Scout Cookie season in Louisiana East will run from Friday, January 15, through Sunday, March 14. As the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program, the Girl Scouts continue to teach kids valuable skills. The cookies are an educational tool, and Rebecca Pennington, CEO of Girl Scouts Louisiana East, said, "People will notice some delightful changes to the way we do cookie season this year. With more emphasis on using technology and using girl-powered creative solutions, such as innovative drive-thru cookie booths, we hope our communities will support their local Girl Scouts with the same energy and excitement as they have in years past."

Adjusting to the digital terrain, individual Girl Scouts have their own URLs to share with family and friends via social media or email. The personalized links make sure that proceeds go towards the member's troop and toward her cookie sale count. If you don't know a Girl Scout, finding a local troop is made easy at or by texting COOKIES to 59618. There's also a Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to locate socially distant/contact-free cookie booths near year.

The most notable move toward a digital revamp shouldn't come as a surprise: The Girl Scouts are teaming up with Grubhub. From Thursday, February 25, to Sunday, March 14, orders can be placed on the Grubhub website or app. Seeing how the food landscape has been changed by COVID-19, it makes sense to see the pairing of America's most famous cookies with a popular platform like Grubhub. For cookie-hungry folks in metro New Orleans or Baton Rouge, the convenience of going to Grubhub's website or app means that cookies are at your fingertips, even if the cupboards are bare. In the era of health precautions, this service is especially invaluable to people in more vulnerable categories of risk.

From the perspective of the Girl Scouts as an organization, pairing with a popular delivery platform provides a wider reach. More proceeds from the cookies mean more funding for the troops, council, and program at large. Additionally, the girls themselves will be given on-the-ground experience in e-commerce, which includes glimpses into tracking and fulfilling orders, managing inventory, and Grubhub's back-end technology.

As in years previous, a number of local businesses will be making space outside their retail locations for Girl Scouts to set up booths. Beginning Monday, February 1, use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, website, or text code (COOKIES to 59618) to find a location near you. When spotted out in the wild, those familiar colorful cookie boxes are a sight for sore eyes. Delicious and time-tested traditions like Girl Scout Cookie season feel more welcome than ever in times like these.


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