Galactatina's? Local Band Galactic Buys Tipitina's

16:08 December 13, 2018
By: Steve Hatley

With the recent purchase of Tipitina's by New Orleans’s very own Galactic, the club’s future is on a new path. Stanton Moore and company did what the bulk of the New Orleans music community had hoped for and kept it in the family. The club could have easily been taken over by a big corporation, but Galactic stepped in, much to the surprise of a lot of people. When it was announced that the club might be sold to cover debts, Galactic's name was in the mix right from the start, but wasn't completely verified until recently. 

I don't think Galactic will be the house band, as they have many side gigs and tour quite extensively. The band has stated that they aren't going to mess with the establishment, but rather want to make sensible upgrades, while still keeping the spirit of Tipitina's alive. One major change is the severance of ties with the Tipitina's Foundation, which was the root of many of the problems. Sadly, the financial issues have overshadowed the great work the foundation has done in the past. I'm sure Galactic will have a new foundation and will have much greater oversight.

Galactic's first show as the new owners of Tipitina's will be on New Year's Eve, with Walter "Wolfman" Washington opening. Stanton and bassist Robert Mercurio played their first gig as owners with their side band Dragon Smoke. Pianist Ivan Neville and guitarist Eric Lindell couldn't help but praise the two for their enormous purchase, as well as to rib them a little.  You can see a gallery of the show HERE.

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