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Future-Funk Maestro GRiZ Brings "Saxual" Healing to the Orpheum on Saturday, 11/11

November 10, 2017
By: 2Fik

If you’re anything like me, you love catching the clock when it reads 11:11. It’s that special moment or two of the day when you can pause to make a wish or express gratitude for something in your life. But when the calendar date hits 11/11 this year, New Orleans gets to enjoy both gratitude and wish-fulfillment at once. This Saturday, the Orpheum Theatre hosts an unforgettable evening of funky jams and positive vibes—GRiZ is in town.

Sax-wielding DJ/producer Grant Kweicinski, known by stage name GRiZ, swings through NOLA this weekend for the tail-end of his Good Will Continue Tour. The tour follows GRiZ’s release of Good Will Continue (2017), an album of remixes for his 2016 masterpiece, Good Will Prevail. That includes a remix of “Can’t Hold Me Down” by our very own fast-rising local DJ/producer, multi-instrumentalist and Church* resident, Boogie T.

Of any stop on the tour, GRiZ’s self-described “future-funk” style may find its most comfortable home right here in New Orleans. Funk is the very humidity that saturates the New Orleans music atmosphere. And dance music at its core—whether electronic-based or from acoustic instruments—is the shot of adrenaline that courses through the veins of our raucous pockmarked streets. From insatiably funky beats to iconic sax riffs you can’t wait to get stuck in your head, GRiZ will once again find a receptive and enthusiastic crowd awaiting him at the Orpheum this Saturday.

But one more thing must be said about Grant Kweicinski—he’s just a stellar example of a human being. GRiZ brings to the stage musical talent and instrumental prowess, to be sure. But it’s the heart and soul of the man behind the sax and CDJs that will ultimately win New Orleans over. GRiZ’s popularized mantra is, “Show Love, Spread Love”—need I say more?

Familiar GRiZ sounds may arise before the sax man himself even takes the stage. Good Will Continue also features remixes of the iconic “PS GFY” and “Rather Be Free” featuring Kiwi DJ/producer Opiuo and Detroit’s Muzzy Bearr, respectively. Both artists join GRiZ on this tour as supporting acts.

And once you’ve had your fill of funk, head over to The After Party at Republic NOLA featuring Sunsabetchez. Sunsabetchez arose from a musical and visual collaboration between three members of New Orleans DJ group Dohm Collective: Chase LaBure aka C-Lab, Brendan Pechon, aka Pawn, and Matthew Zuppardo, aka Zupparty, who recently lent his insight to Where Y’at’s November feature about New Orleans DJ collectives. You can also hear Sunsabetchez’s most recent mix, “Everything Changes Vol. 006 (Succubetchez)” (2017), on SoundCloud.

C-Lab and Zupparty will start and end the event with solo performances, with their back-to-back performance as Sunsabetchez deliciously sandwiched in between. If you’re a fan of house, psytrance, or just generally “doing hoodrat sh*t with your friends,” it’s best not to sleep on this afterparty. C-Lab blasts off at 1 a.m. (technically Sunday morning), and Zupparty’s closing set will undoubtedly inch toward sunrise.

Don’t miss out this Saturday, 11/11, when funk-loving, dance-happy fans will have their 11:11 wishes granted—and another event to be thankful for with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Limited tickets for GRiZ at the Orpheum Theatre are still available here.

Tickets for The After Party at Republic NOLA featuring Sunsabetchez are available here.

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