Steven Hatley

Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins

18:00 March 28, 2022
By: Landon Murray

It's hard to imagine the Foo Fighters being one the biggest rock bands of a generation. But the passing of Taylor Hawkins resonated with the music world. Taylor Hawkins didn't join the band until after the Colour and the Shape tour. During the early stages of the Foo's, Hawkins was elsewhere drumming for Alanis Morrisette, but that was fated to end as soon as Taylor clicked with Dave Grohl. The rest is history.

When I listened to the drums on these songs, the first thing that comes to mind is the elasticity of his drumming skill. There are songs like "Low," off of "One by One" that just blow your head up with the rapid intensity created by Hawkins', while in other songs like "February Stars" or even "Next Year," the intensity is relegated to the back in favor of something that rhymes in tune with the vibe of the song. That type of skill Is hard to appreciate if you aren't invested heavily in music technique and style.

The point that I'm trying to make is that while drummers are vitally Important to every band, Hawkins graduated to being the second rock star in the band, with an undeniable energy that even put his road warriors band mates to shame at times. He was the consummate drummer, capable of making every bit of art he touched just a little better. In remembrance of Taylor Hawkins, and all the songs we love that he helped create, Rest In Peace, and drum the hell out of the other worlds.

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