Five Places to Eat for Hannukah
Dec 16 2020

Five Places to Eat for Hanukkah

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Hanukkah, one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar, is well underway. A critical part of this holiday is, of course, enjoying great foods. New Orleans is no stranger to Hanukkah culinary staples, and you can also enjoy food not necessarily considered Jewish as part of the celebration as well. In this list will be five places where you can grab a satisfying bite to eat to celebrate Hanukkah, courtesy of

Bywater Bakery

Snugly fitting into its home in the Bywater, the aptly named Bywater Bakery can supply you with a plethora of pastries or sweets to whet your appetite and eventually satisfy any cravings for something on the sweeter side. Not limited to confections, though, this eatery also has a variety of savory options on their lunch menu, as well as coffee and other relevant items in their café. Be sure to check out their specialty "rainbow latkes" when you visit for Hanukkah. 3624 Dauphine St., (504) 336-3336,

Compagnon Bakery

Another popular bakery, Compagnon is quite original in its menu options. In addition to the staples we have all come to expect from any bakery, including croissants and loaves, Compagnon brings their artisan creativity to the table to put their best foot forward. Among their unique loaves, bread-crafting, and pastries, specifically Jewish options are available, with a subtle flair exclusive to Compagnon. Think orange chocolate babka, challah, sufganiyot, and more. They even offer a convenient home-delivery service if you can't get to any of their partnered vendors, such as the St. James Cheese Company or Faubourg Wines. (512) 975-8166,

Marjie's Grill

A charismatic and well-liked restaurant catering to Jewish and non-Jewish clientele alike, Marjie's Grill is running its annual special of "Seven Nights of Latkes'' once again. While Hanukkah itself lasts for an eight-day period, Marjie's Grill closes on Wednesday, leaving the remaining seven nights for any and all to enjoy the Jewish delicacy en masse. The latkes will only be available until December 17, so if you plan to order a box for yourself or a friend, act fast. You can place the order either via telephone or through their website for easy, contactless pickup. 320 South Broad St., (504) 603-2234,


If you are familiar with Hanukkah dining and have celebrated the holiday locally before, you are almost certainly no stranger to Shaya. One of the premier Israeli restaurants in town, Shaya is an excellent place to get food anytime in your celebrations. While you can order items such as latkes a la carte, the restaurant is running a special promotion through December 18, in which you can pay a flat $60 fee for a multicourse dinner consisting of a variety of Jewish delicacies, from labneh ice cream to matzo ball soup. 4213 Magazine St., (504) 891-4213,

Okay Bar

With a name that downplays just how good their cuisine and value actually are, Okay Bar is an affordable and savory place to spend your Hanukkah culinary celebration. Not because of their regular menu, though. Rather, Okay Bar is the host of a Hanukkah pop-up shop with a smorgasbord of Jewish delicacies. Chocolate Frangelico babka and smoked chicken matzo should get your mouth watering in no time. Supposedly, a good bit of Billy Joel music will be played loud and proud as well, so if you happen to love the rocking balladeer as much as you do Jewish cuisine, then this is a must-visit. 1700 Port St.,


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