Five Places to Celebrate Spicy Guacamole Day On November 14
Nov 11 2020

Five Places to Celebrate Spicy Guacamole Day On November 14

By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Guacamole seems to be one of the most beloved food items in recent food history, and with the advent of fast-serving and high-quality eateries like Chipotle increasing how many people can easily get a nice platter of chips with guacamole as the dip, it's no surprise that it is only increasing in popularity as time goes on. This Saturday, November 14, is a day commemorating the spicy variant of the avocado-based dish, and listed below are five places where you can enjoy it this weekend.

Chilango's Bar & Grill

Kicking off this list is Chilango's Bar & Grill, conveniently located on Carrollton Avenue. They have an especially comprehensive menu, encompassing both classic Mexican dishes and alcoholic beverages, as well as inventive creations and cocktails. While spicy guacamole specifically is the focus of this holiday, you can also branch out a bit and try one of the variety of dishes that are well-seasoned and come with avocado in many of its various incarnations. 1506 S. Carrollton Ave., (504) 766-9949,

Mr. Tequila Bar and Grill

Next up is Mr. Tequila Bar and Grill on Freret Street. Clearly having its priorities straight, Mr. Tequila has guacamole and a variety of dishes surrounding it as the top option on their online menu. The Dip Trio comes with refried beans, queso blanco, and, of course, guacamole. You can also order the guacamole, which is quite seasoned, by itself, but where's the fun in that? Other options, such as the taco bowl, also come with a delicious serving of guacamole. 5018 Freret St., (504) 766-9660,

Panchita's Mexican Criolla Cuisine

A small, intimate, and unpretentious restaurant also located on Carrollton Avenue, Panchita's Mexican Criolla Cuisine is another excellent place for you to pick up a spicy variant of the celebrated avocado dish. If you do drop by, be sure to try their taco salad. It includes a fried tortilla with a wide range of savory delicacies inside, including pico de gallo and, naturally, guacamole. 1434 S. Carrollton Ave., (504) 281-4127,


A tried and true option for anyone looking for solid Mexican fare, Chipotle is not to be dismissed simply because it is a chain. They have a famed bowl of guacamole and are an all-around solid choice for quick Mexican food at an affordable price. You can get guacamole on a large number of the menu items as well, from burrito bowls to large salads. 2801 Magazine St., (504) 636-8544,

Felipe's Mexican Taqueria

Rounding off this list of excellent guacamole spots is Felipe's Mexican Taqueria, a cozy Mexican restaurant with several locations around the city. You can order guacamole as an additional item to any of your entrees or on its own with chips, and it is also available as a spread for any of the taco dishes. They have locations in Mid-City, Uptown, and the French Quarter for whenever you're craving some good guac. Multiple Locations,


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