Film Review: <em>On the Rocks</em>
Oct 23 2020

Film Review: On the Rocks

By: David Vicari

Writer-director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray reached career highs together with 2003's sublime Lost in Translation. They try to recapture that magic with On the Rocks, and while it doesn't soar as high as their previous collaboration, it's still an entertaining film.

Rashida Jones (The Office, Parks & Recreation) plays Laura, a mother in her late 30s who suspects her husband (Marlon Wayans) might be cheating on her. Her father Felix (Murray) eggs her on, and the two start following her husband around.

The film focuses mostly on the father-daughter relationship. Coppola's script and Murray the actor do a good job of making Felix a three-dimensional character. He's a patronizing philanderer, but he's also frequently likable and obviously cares about his daughter and grandchildren. Laura loves him but is often exasperated by him. In other words, it's like how a lot of real parent/adult child relationships are.

Jones does strong work as Laura, and Murray remains a national treasure. There's a scene where Felix charms his way out of a traffic ticket that features pure, undistilled movie-star charisma from Murray. It's almost a throwaway moment in the story, but it's a joy to watch.

On the Rocks is playing at the Broad Theater and is streaming on Apple+.

*** Stars (Out of Four)

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