Fight The Infected At The Mortuary
Oct 04 2020

Fight The Infected At The Mortuary

By: Emily Hingle

As the world stopped turning, the infected took over. It's your job to take them down. The Mortuary on Canal Street is back for another season, but there's a new twist to this haunted house. You will be armed with a fully-functioning laser gun to help get you through the many creepy twists and turns in this zombie-infested house. Start off shooting your way through the lab which has been overrun with the dead. Make your way into the basement which has fallen into complete decay. Watch out for the Pig Man; he's not going to give you the chance to leave his lair. You'll feel like you're delving into pure madness as the basement gives way to a demonic narrow cave where nasty lagoons and frigid air mask the sounds of the undead. Just when you think you can't take anymore, the revving of a chainsaw plunges your heart into an icy abyss.

If you can make it out of this hell on Earth alive, you can see your kill count on the screens outside. The bravest among us will brave The Mortuary several times this season to improve their zombie-kill skills. You can get a free VIP ticket by donating blood to the Blood Center. All donations will be tested for COVID-19 Antibodies complimentary.

I found this gaming aspect to be extremely engaging and addictive. Being able to finally fight back at the baddies that lurk in the dark is like taking all the power back. You can learn more about The Mortuary and purchase tickets here.

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