Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7
Oct 19 2016

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

By: Taylor Lust

QBs to Play in Week 7:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

  1. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@San Francisco 49ers): Winston and Evans have proved themselves to be a formidable receiver/quarterback pair since they started their Buccaneer reign together.  In week five, the Bucs ended up on top of the Panthers thanks to Winston’s 219 yards and one touchdown (which was thrown to Evans).  Not to mention, the 49ers have given up an average of 16 fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks.
  2. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins (@Detroit Lions): Be careful here, Cousins has been kind of an interception machine this season (he’s averaging about one per game), BUT the Lions have given up the most fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks this season.  I mean, last week against the Rams, the Lions gave up 321 yards and three touchdowns to Case Keenum.
  3. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans (vs. Indianapolis Colts): Mariota tore up the Browns defense with 284 yards and three touchdowns.  This week he’s going up against a Colts defense that has given up about 18 fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks, and an average of 293 passing yards per game.

RBs to Play in Week 7:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

  1. Spencer Ware, Kansas City Chiefs (vs. New Orleans Saints): The Saints have given up the most fantasy points per game to opposing running backs, and although Jamaal Charles is still Jamaal Charles, Ware seems to be stepping up on the field and in the depth chart.  Last week Ware ran for 131 yards and one touchdown against the Raiders, not to mention 32 receiving yards.
  2. Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@San Francisco 49ers): After being out for three weeks with an injury, plus an extra bye week to recover, I’d say it’s about time for veteran tailback Doug Martin to get back on the field against a 49ers defense that has given up an average of five yards per carry, and 23 points to opposing running backs this season.  Watch his status to make sure he’s doing okay, but if he is, Martin is going to be a great choice for an RB2 slot.
  3. Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins (vs. Buffalo Bills): After an incredible outing last week against the Steelers (204 yards and two touchdowns), Ajayi looks like an excellent option for week seven.  The Dolphins are going up against a Bills defense that has allowed 27 rush attempts per game, as well as an average 15 fantasy points per game. 

WRs to Play in Week 7:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

  1. Mike Wallace, Baltimore Ravens (@New York Jets): Wallace hasn’t really impressed too much since weeks one and two, and has had single digit points since then.  However, the Jets have given up the second-most fantasy points to opposing receivers this season.  If you’re looking for a WR2 option, Wallace might be the way to go.
  2. Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars (vs. Oakland Raiders): Oakland has already given up an average of 23 completions per game to opposing receivers this year, and Robinson is due for another big game.  It’s been a couple weeks, but with such an open secondary, Bortles and Robinson should be connecting for big plays.
  3. Kenny Britt, Los Angeles Rams (vs. New York Giants): With Case Keenum coming off an incredible week against the Lions, Kenny Britt should be looking to continue that connection with Keenum next week against a Giants secondary that has allowed 13 passing first downs per game.

TEs to Play in Week 7:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

  1. C.J. Uzomah, Cincinnati Bengals (vs. Cleveland Browns): This is completely dependent on Tyler Eifert’s status come this Sunday, but if he’s still out with his injury, Uzomah could be a great choice against a Browns defense that has allowed the most points to opposing tight ends this season.
  2. Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins (@Detroit Lions): Another injury dependent play, but if Jordan Reed is still out with his concussion, Davis could be a bit of a sleeper this week.  Not to mention, last week he put up 50 yards and a touchdown against the Eagles.
  3. Hunter Henry, San Diego Chargers (@Atlanta Falcons): Henry has been a surprise over the past few weeks. Since New Orleans in week four, he’s averaged a touchdown per game, not to mention about 72 yards per game.  The Falcons have given up the fourth-most fantasy points against tight ends this year, too, so if Henry is in your lineup, I’d say keep him there.

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