Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6
Oct 12 2016

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6

By: Taylor Lust

QBs to Play in Week 6:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6

  1. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (vs. New York Jets): With a huge secondary like Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, I wouldn’t expect the Jets defense to be on the field much.  They’re already only averaging 247 passing yards per game, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is only averaging 5 touchdown passes per game.  Make sure you keep an eye on Palmer’s status considering his recent concussion issues, but if he is, I’d expect him to put up big numbers on Monday.
  2. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (vs. Atlanta Falcons): While Matt Ryan and Julio Jones had quite the week recently, the Falcons are still, unfortunately, last on the list for most passing completions given up per game.  Not to mention, in week five they gave Paxton Lynch and the Broncos 223 passing yards and one touchdown, and in week four gave Panthers’ backup quarterback Derek Anderson two touchdowns.
  3. Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers (vs. Denver Broncos): I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve always found that over the past few years, Phillip Rivers has taken somewhat of a backseat to Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and sometimes even Eli Manning and Andrew Luck.  Rivers is reliable, and sometimes, that’s hard to come across in the NFL.  Last week, even though the Chargers lost, he tore up the Raiders defense for 359 yards and four touchdowns.

RBs to Play in Week 6:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6

  1. Justin Forsett, Detroit Lions (vs. Los Angeles Rams): Forsett was the workhorse of the Ravens for years, but was recently let go amongst his battle with fellow Ravens running backs Terrence West and Kenneth Dixon.  With the Lions currently relying on their receiving back Theo Riddick, they should be putting Forsett in as soon as possible.  But keep an eye out, make sure he’s going to be playing.  If not, Riddick would be your next best choice.
  2. Ryan Mathews, Philadelphia Eagles (@Washington Redskins): The Redskins have one of the worst run defenses in the league (allowed an average of 130 rushing yards per game).  Although Mathews has had somewhat of a lackluster season, he still has time to explode. 
  3. James Starks or Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers (vs. Dallas Cowboys): The Cowboys have given up             the fourth-most yards per rush attempt per game this season.  Lacy injured his ankle this past week, and while his status for the Cowboys doesn’t seem to be too much in question, it still is in question.  If we get to Sunday and Lacy is out, I wouldn’t look past Starks.  Lacy gets the majority of the carries right now, but if he’s out, I would expect Starks to step up.

WRs to Play in Week 6:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6

  1. Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks (vs. Atlanta Falcons): After a bye week, and plenty of time to recover from an injury, Lockett is poised to exploded against an Atlanta secondary that has allowed 29 completions per game already this season.  Lockett has a history of playing through injury, which he’s already done.  With such a loose opposing defense and a bye week behind him, Lockett’s forecast is more than good.
  2. Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins (vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Landry was disappointing in week five, but against a Steelers defense that has allowed an average of 11 yards per reception a game, and sharing a field only with Kenny Stills, I’d say Landry is set up for a big week against the Steelers.
  3. Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints (vs. Carolina Panthers): Cooks is still one of the fastest receivers in the league, and the Panthers have given up an average of 12 yards per completion so far this year, which will give Cooks plenty of time after the catch. 

TEs to Play in Week 6:

Fantasy Football Picks: Week 6

  1. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers (@New Orleans Saints): Another no-brainer.  Even with Cam Newton out, Olsen still manages to put up 181 receiving yards.  Not to mention the Saints on and off defense, even when the Saints win their opponents still manage to post incredible numbers. 
  2. Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots (vs. Cincinnati Bengals): Bennett exploded last week during Tom Brady’s first game back, putting up three touchdowns on 67 yards.  The Bengals have given up an average of about 6 fantasy points per game to opposing tight ends so far this season, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s only about a quarter of a way down the list.
  3. Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans (vs. Cleveland Browns): Walker hasn’t been extremely impressive this season so far, but this week he’s up against a Browns defense that has allowed the most fantasy points to a tight end this season (15 per game), not to mention the fifth most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks.

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