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Exclusive Interview: Local DJ Klutch Makes His Church* Debut at Dragon’s Den This Sunday, 11/12

November 10, 2017
By: 2Fik

The masterminds behind Church* have quite the recent calendar to top. The Dragon’s Den has seen packed houses for big-name headliners like Justin Martin (10/15), Billy Kenny and Doctor Jeep for Church*: The Voodoo Sermon (10/29), and SEVEN (11/05), plus a late-night b2b featuring Church* residents Unicorn Fukr and Boogie T.

To continue riding that momentum while also spicing up the Sunday weekly’s usual lineup, Church* organizers decided to invite a newcomer to the event itself, but one who’s already established a solid following in the local EDM scene. This Sunday, November 10, New Orleans native and DJ/producer Andre Waguespack, aka Klutch, will make his Church* debut alongside fellow local KVTrill and, likely, the usual late-night suspects.

What’s exciting for the headliner, event organizers and the Church* crowd alike is the fresh face and [fresh] approach to bass music that Klutch can bring to the typically underground-focused show bill.

“Typically when people think of me musically, I’m a little more on the mainstream side of things,” said Klutch. “Just cause that’s what I typically play, and I write typically poppy kind of things with my own spin on it.”

Melodic, anthemic, emphatic—these are the first three words Klutch used to describe the general vibe and style of his original music and song selections. We chatted briefly over the phone before his set opening for Slushii at Republic NOLA this past Thursday, and I’d asked how he would describe his music to Church* goers that have never heard or seen him perform before. But while Klutch’s uplifting and soul-catching tunes may sound outside the purview of Church*, Klutch’s gargantuan and unpredictable compositions may just find a happy home as they hit new ears this Sunday.

“I honestly never thought I’d be asked to play Church ever,” Klutch said with a laugh. “Just because the music that I do play never really had that kind of vibe. I’m blessed that Erik [Browne/Unicorn Fukr] reached out and wanted me to play.”

“It’s something I’ve dreamed of growing up in the dance scene of New Orleans but never really touched in my three or four years of DJing in the city,” Klutch continued. “So it was really cool that he asked.”

When asked how he might segue his style into the underground, bass music-centric vibe of Church*, Klutch didn’t hesitate in his response. But it was a response that demonstrated his commitment to the aesthetic of the event and its weekly crowd while remaining unapologetically himself.

“I’m gonna try to blend the two worlds in a way,” said Klutch. “Typically I would do a little more of a club set in general, but I really wanna use this opportunity to dig a little deeper crate-wise and do stuff I’ve never really touched before.”

“I’m definitely still me and I definitely wanna still represent the music that I love and love to create,” Klutch continued. “It’s still gonna have kind of an upbeat tempo to it, but I have a lot of friends that make a lot of wonky stuff, and they’ve always showed me the way on that. So I’m gonna channel my inner-weird-friends and make a set that’s the best of both worlds.”

This Sunday at Church*, be sure to listen up for tracks off Klutch’s Elevate EP (2017) and other singles he’s dropped this year, including “Red pill Blue pill” and most recently “Orient,” released via SubCarbon Records

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