<em>Sesame Street</em>?s Elmo Fights Racism
Jun 15 2020

Sesame Street’s Elmo Fights Racism

By: Caroline Hebert

In a town hall program for kids known as "Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism," CNN's Van Jones and Erica Hill teamed up with Sesame Street.

The two-part series has guest speakers from Sesame Street, such as Elmo, Elmo's father, and Big Bird, along with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. Children and families around the U.S. send videos of their questions to be answered. Videos range from parents asking how to explain racism and what is going on with children in the world, to kids wondering what they can do to stand up to racism.

Elmo's father Louie explains protests and racism well enough for children to understand the times in a simpler way. Explaining that people are upset and want to use their voice to make others aware was a great start, and Louie also held a sign that read "Love, Justice, Peace."

CNN hosts, along with Mayor Bottoms, explain ways for children to stop racism.

"Keep being who you are," the mayor says. "Keep loving each other. And when you see someone doing something wrong or saying something wrong, say that it's wrong. Say it with love and lead by example."

A nine-year-old from Illinois questions why black people are treated poorly after all the contributions they have made to our country.

"I don't know if we ever have the answer for that, but just like Martin Luther King had a dream for his four children, that they would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin," the Mayor says, "we have to continue to dream and hope that this country will live up to that."

With the help of Sesame Street, the generations of the future can learn from the mistakes of the past and fight against racism.

To watch the full segments, go to cnn.com.

Photo by: Marine Sgt. Melissa Karnath

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