21:00 February 10, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

*** and 1/2 out of ****

“I may be super, but I’m no hero,” states the film’s star. I won’t say antagonist or protagonist because the entire film is about our crass, yet loveable Deadpool walking the line between villain and hero. Before his transformation into a mutant with super strength, super speed, and healing powers, he was already “a bad man who fights worse men:” your average mercenary tracking down undesirables and criminals and making them wet their pants. He meets and falls in love with a similarly-minded (crass, sexually-driven, nerdy) female. Just as they want to make it unconventionally official, the smartass Wade Wilson is diagnosed with deadly cancer. As his condition deteriorates, a mysterious man approaches him and offers a life-saving, extremely painful cure. He must become the subject of an experimental test to become inhuman and do the bidding of the also inhuman Ajax. Once he mutates, life is never the same again, with the exception of his intact inane sense of humor. He spends years trying the exact revenge on Ajax, and more years trying to approach his lost love. It all culminates in one final, epic battle. The action is incredible and has amazing CGI, but this hilarious romp has many theatrical elements; Deadpool even claims it’s a romance, and a horror. Warning: do not take your kids to see this film!!! It’s not for them. Adults only. Unless you want your small spawn to hear vulgarities and innuendos, see graphic deaths, full nudity and gratuitous sex, and be generally confused about everything going on, then they start asking embarrassing questions. Like the star says himself, he’s no hero, and he’s not a rolemodel for your kids. 

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