Copper Vine Pairs With Cloudy Bay Wines

09:20 June 15, 2019
By: Emily Hingle

Copper Vine wine pub was the perfect place for Cloudy Bay Vineyards of New Zealand to host a spectacular wine-paired dinner. The floral/acidic wines were the inspiration for Executive Chef Mike Brewer's menu which had several very different items.

First, we were treated to Cloudy Bay's Chardonnay (2015 vintage) with grilled stone fruit topped with shaved Irish cheddar, birdseed brittle, hazelnuts, and drizzled with a terragon vinaigrette. It was followed by my favorite dish: black cod atop a bed of miso honey butter bean succotash and crab fat bottargo. The fish was dense yet so succulent, and it paired perfectly with Cloudy Bay's Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc (2014 vintage).

The entree courses consisted of crispy porchetta, housemade ramen noodles, and a pork dumpling paired with Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir (2015) and tender duck breast, pickled mustard seeds, cherry mostarda, and pickled cabbage paired with Cloudy Bay Te Wahi Pinot Noir (2014). Each dish was a whirlwind of flavor that was only tamed with a sip of the pinot.

Dessert was a handful. The "Kit Kat Bar" was a hard-shelled chocolate pastry sprinkled with pistachios and cherry foie gras. It was served with some vanilla ice cream and Ruinart's Rose Champagne NV. This feast for the senses had a playful air as Cloudy Bar placed Polaroid cameras on each table and encouraged the attendees to take photos with each other.

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