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Chocolate City

23:00 March 02, 2015
By: David Vicari
With Valentine's Day past us, you may still be crazing your favorite chocolates. But before you reach for a glimmering heart-shaped box of chocolates, stop by one of the many sweet boutiques in the city. From truffles, filled with champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries, to luscious fudge that melts in your mouth, each shop is bursting with an assortment of dulcet delights that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Blue Frog Chocolates
5707 Magazine St., New Orleans, 70115
(504) 269-5707

A staple in the New Orleans sweet scene, this well known boutique boasts a selection of bonbons from all around the world. Their "Truffettes de France," by French Chocolate-Maker CHOCMOD from the county of Lille, are richly flavored, smooth dark truffles, rolled in cocoa powder. And this is just one of Blue Frog's many imports. The Magazine Street shop also carries such specialty items as chocolate doubloons, Mardi Gras milkies, and this winning combination: chocolate-covered Zapp's potato chips. But whatever you choose, be sure to try their trademark solid chocolate frogs.

Chocolates For Good
(504) 444-3021

Not only are these tempting delicacies tasty, but they serve a good cause, so eat up! Through Chocolates For Good, a portion of your purchase is donated to one of the charitable organizations listed on the sweet store's site. Also, the treats are created with organic chocolate by farmers who are equitably paid. The chocolatier behind Chocolates for Good received training from Chef Ewald Notter, who has been recognized by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences with the 5 Star Diamond award as "One of the Finest Confectionery Chefs of the World." The shop's vast selection includes Oreos smothered in chocolate, gourmet s'mores, and solid chocolate fleur de lis delights, dusted with edible gold dust. For Valentine's Day, Chocolates For Good offers an edible chocolate jewelry case, packed with an assortment of bonbons.

Black Tie Chocolates, Chocolatier
(504) 458-3207

Singing the motto: "True happiness is a bite of chocolate," Black Tie Chocolates is a one-woman show, run by Dvosha Carlsen. The chocolate extraordinaire began her business by making chocolate, marshmallow, and nut candy - similar to the famous Elmer's "Heavenly Hash" ? for her family and friends. Now, Carlsen creates extravagant artisan chocolates, chocolate Fleur de Lis in an assortment of vibrant colors, and chocolate-dipped biscotti for a growing number of customers. Packed with fresh ingredients and rich flavors, every bite of these dulcet delicacies delivers a moment of pure bliss.

Sucre, A Sweet Boutique
3025 Magazine St., New Orleans, 70115
3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 70001 
Bursting with candy-hued colors and the aroma of delicious treats, this posh boutiques are famous for their creative confections and luxury chocolates. While it is possible to sample individual sweets, some people prefer the whole shebang. So for the ultimate indulgence, Sucr? offers "Collections," which typically include a great big box of chocolates and, in some cases, a complementary libation. The After Dinner Collection, for example, comes equipped with a package of filled chocolates, handmade fluffy marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and Baileys Irish Cream. Other Collections include Southern Comfort, Sugar & Spice, and Saints. But if your sugar-craving is not serious enough to warrant an entire Collection, Sucr? offers simpler treats such as dark chocolate caramel cookies, extra dark drinking chocolate, and Nibs & Brittle bars.

Laura's Candies
331 Chartres St., New Orleans, 70130
(800) 992-9699

From chocolate pralines to caramel clusters, Laura's Candies has you covered! The scrumptious confections are made daily ?some from recipes that date back to the 18th century?in the boutique's kitchen and served fresh. Laura's is located in the heart of the French Quarter, making it accessible for strollers searching for a quick sugar fix. But if you're in the area, a stop at this sweet shop is a must! The kitchen is crammed with such sweets as chocolate voodoo dolls, Louisiana turtles, and Amaretto truffles. Their best seller, Mississippi Mud, is a mouthwatering concoction of chocolate, caramel and pecans, with more silky chocolate drizzled on top.

Southern Candy Makers
(800) 344-9773

Nearly 20 years old, Southern Candy Makers is a collaboration by high school buddies, Chuck Williams and Peter Tompkins, with backing from Tompkin's father and stepmother. The original store, along with a new location, stands on bustling Decatur Street and ensures that guests exit the shop with a satisfactory experience. The boutique's stellar chocolate sets the high bar when it comes to taste. By using prime ingredients and pouring the mix into small batches, each treat is fresh. In addition to such delicacies as solid chocolate Cajun crawfish, Bourbon Street bark, and chocolate-covered marzipan, Southern Candy Makers offers The Gulf Box. This collection is brimming with pralines, assorted tortues (turtles), toffees, glazed pecans, and a hand-painted solid chocolate dolphin, sea turtle, and pelican. With 10 percent of proceeds going to the Audubon Institute's Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue Program, The Gulf Box gives new meaning to guilt-free eating!

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