May 04 2012

Cabin in the Woods

By: Fritz Esker


The new horror film The is inordinately difficult to review. this isn’t because it’s hard to articulate that it’s a smart, clever film; it’s just hard to discuss what makes this film good without delving into spoilers. it’s a movie you should see knowing as little about it as possible. the surface setup is similar to films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Evil Dead —five friends head into the titular cabin for a weekend. of course, creepy and strange things happen. Judging from this barebones description and the tv commercials, you might think this is just another generic slasher film, but it isn’t. it works both as a suspense film and as a commentary on horror films themselves and why people watch them. this commentary could have been delivered in an overly cute manner, but writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard create a film that works as commentary on the genre while still being entertaining in its own right. if you enjoy horror films and want to see a fresh take on the genre, check out The Cabin in the Woods. saying more would just spoil the fun.

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