[Photo Provided by Camille Barnett]

Bourbon Street Extravaganza Prepares for Thirteenth Year of Music & Merriment

10:48 August 28, 2017
By: Camille Barnett

During the weekend of Southern Decadence, for 13 years, The Bourbon Street Extravaganza has featured free concerts on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann Streets.

Fourteen years ago, Napoleon Itch hosted its first free concert on that same corner with the intentions of announcing who they were, establishing themselves, and participating in the festivities of Southern Decadence. The concert’s outcome was so successful that they were encouraged by the city council and the city to continue these concerts annually. They did, and now The Bourbon Street Extravaganza is the largest event of Southern Decadence.

This year, organizers say they feel especially honored because they were asked by the city to incorporate a kick-off celebration of New Orleans’s 300th birthday (2018). They say they will do so with a recording from Rowetta Satchell telling the story about the flood that wiped out Louisiana in 1927, as well as with musical tributes from a second line band.

Other live performances will include those from Deborah Cox, Zoe Badwi, and more.

“We have continued to grow and to increase the fame of the artists who we present, and we have continued to do it for free,” said concert organizers. “It is our gift.”

The event is free, but a limited number of front-of-stage VIP tickets can be purchased for $30 from any bartender at Napoleon’s Itch. Meet at the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann Streets at 5:30 p.m. for a pre-show street party. 

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