Boozy Brews to Cure the Summer Blues at 5th Annual Brewsiana Festival

11:38 August 15, 2018
By: Victoria Crouch

It’s time to escape the heat and a sugar rush from all of the sweet treats you’ve been having to cool you down by downing a few pints—if you’re 21, that is. The House of Blues will be welcoming in thirsty patrons on the evening of August 25 at 6 p.m. for the fifth annual Brewsiana Craft Beer and Music Festival. For beer aficionados, the music venue will be hosting a tasting from some of the best breweries throughout the state. For anyone familiar with the microcosm of brewhouses on Tchoupitoulas, familiar faces include Port Orleans, Urban South, and NOLA Brewing. As if three breweries weren’t enough, the House of Blues is packing in 14 more breweries, including Gnarly Barley, Second Line, Crying Eagle, Dixie, and Parish Brewing Company. But wait, there’s still more! Here’s your chance to not only sample tried-and-true craft concoctions, but delicious brews like Peanut Butter Korova Milk Porter, Offshore Stout, and Maison Blanc. Another surprise includes indulging in exclusive offerings that aren’t available at retail locations by the likes of Parleaux Beer Lab, Broad Street Cider and Ale, and Old Rail Brewing Company.

Sounds like some serious picking and choosing, doesn’t it? Don’t fear. For $45 you can have all the drinks you want—if you can stomach it, that is. After all, this isn’t a wine-and-dine, sip-and-nibble event, so no one’s gonna judge you for downing that much in one sitting. However, prepare yourself for a post-splurge hangover that will surely be worth it in the end. They’re offering a $20 option as well, if you’re just there for a few sips, some tasty food, and the great entertainment (or if you’ve been designated to be the driver for your beer buddies).

You can happily give those tastebuds a break for a few minutes (they’ll thank you). After all, we know you want to savor all of those craft-beer perfections. Instead, you can jump in the pit for a good time dancing, singing, or just listening to bluesy singles by the Jamey St. Pierre Band, 80s hits from Werewolf, afrobeat tunes by Kumasi, Valerie Sassyfras’s intergalactic melodies, indie rock jams by Mighty Brother, beats by DJ T-Bone, or rock offerings from Nebula Rosa. Once your ears are satisfied and ringing, stay for a mesmerizing performance by the city’s own Queen of Burlesque, Elle Dorado, or the very-much-still-alive Michael Jackson . . . of New Orleans.

Craving to be the star of the event, too? After all those drinks, you might be brave enough to be part of several contests, including the famed Titty Tassel Twirling Competition, which is probably more humorous than sexy. Last year’s favorites included Shave the Woodpecker, the ultimate frat party essential; beer pong; and, of course, the fair classic cornhole will also be making cameos . But maybe as you’re reading this, you’re thinking “WTF? I’d never do any of that, what if my co-worker sees me?” Let me tell you, you can win some really great prizes. Isn’t that motivation enough? There’ll be plenty of opportunities to win concert tickets and gear, but the most coveted prize comes not from the contests, but sampling each and every beer. If you’re up for this challenge, you could win two three-day general admission passes to Voodoo. Considering how expensive Voodoo tickets are, a one-day hangover is definitely worth more than an empty wallet for a few weeks.

As if beer, games, food, and eclectic entertainment wasn’t enough, the House of Blues is also transforming their Parish room into a tailgate zone. Instead of sitting on the couch with your friends, eating cheap chips and drinking a mediocre six pack together, you could enjoy the Saints taking on the Chargers at a much more plush location and with arguably better booze, food, and a much larger TV screen. You’ll even get to chill out and cheer on the team with local superfans the Big Easy Mafia and Ezell Knox.

With the hottest days of summer still approaching, this is an event you don’t want to miss. With Tale of the Cocktail over, you might be missing a nice, refreshing boozy party where you can cool down. You could argue that sitting at a restaurant and enjoying a drink is basically the same thing, but we beg to differ. Brewsiana is certainly offering a more exciting evening than a typical summer dinner outing. Let’s face it: At the House of Blues, you’ll get better music than a radio station or dim background music, a larger selection of beers, and endless entertainment that a restaurant just can’t offer. Here, you can let loose and enjoy the weekend—without having to worry about those table manners.

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