[Photos Provided by Emily Hingle]

Beau Rivage Biloxi Boasts Local Seafood at Coast Seafood & Brew

09:00 March 24, 2017
By: Emily Hingle

We've been touting the benefits of Gulf Coast seafood for years, especially since the devastating BP oil spill ravaged our coast line. We want people to know that not only is coastal seafood safe, it's delicious and it helps out local fisherman when you enjoy it. Biloxi was once the seafood capital of America, and it kept that title for many years until outsourcing seafood became the norm. 

Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino wants to bring back that love for local seafood. They've paired with local oyster farmers and fishers to bring you a bevy of seafood options fresh every single day; you absolutely have to try the delectable Oyster Shooter! And they're going to feature a raw bar with oysters from throughout the region and the world so that you can experience the flavor of every body of water that they grow in. 

That's not to mention the delectable brews that they have on tap including regional beers made just for the Beau. I couldn't step away from the Biloxi Brewery, each of their beers had such a distinct and different flavor. I will absolutely be seeking them out again. And nothing makes spicy crawfish go down easier than an icy cold brew.

It's always fantastic to see local items on the menus at fine restaurants, but the beautiful Beau Rivage is the biggest fish that local fisherman could hope to land. I think that this will be a match made in food-lover's heaven!

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