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Be Naughty or Nice at Dohm for the Holidays 3 at Republic NOLA on Friday, December 15

14:05 December 15, 2017
By: 2Fik

No matter where you fall on Santa’s spectrum this year, you’ve got one holiday gift you can always count on here in New Orleans: endless opportunities to dance. The genre-hopping dance party purveyors behind Sunsabetchez headline the third installment of the annual local holiday fete, Dohm for the Holidays, with support from C-Lab, Zupparty, and Zander at Republic NOLA this Friday, December 15.

For the uninitiated, Sunsabetchez is a New Orleans-based trio of members from the local artist group Dohm Collective, including DJ/producer Matthew Zuppardo, aka Zupparty; DJ/producer Chase LaBure, aka C-Lab; and VJ/music director Brendan Pechon, aka Pawn. If you’ve experienced a performance from Sunsabetchez before, you know the vibe crowds have come to expect. This trio could be performing in front of a dozen friends and acquaintances or hundreds of shamelessly dancing fans—regardless, they deliver on good times and memorable multisensory experiences, every set.

“We don’t want to have a bad time ourselves,” said LaBure. “So when we’re in charge of the time, it’s gonna be good.”

“And that’s what the Dohm Collective family brings to every show,” said Zuppardo. “Because the people who love us are awesome. And when you have a large group of people like that, it can only spread.”

And, in the case of their Dohm for the Holidays series, Sunsabetchez also brings the heat needed to keep bodies moving at this time of year. From tacky sweaters and strands of blinking lights to winter-themed visuals and song selections, these artists have carefully curated this holiday experience. Attendees can expect a show from start to finish that reflects both the sounds and sights of the season while staying true to the group’s roots in facilitating the “ridiculous, fun, and weird,” said LaBure.

“The other Dohm for the Holidays shows were a lot of fun, but I never really had too much of an expectation for a million people to show up or anything,” said Zuppardo. “It was more, ‘Cool, we get to throw a party that’s just us at the Republic—that’s awesome!’ And that was something that personally I’ve sought out to do for a long time.”

But this year’s edition of Dohm’s holiday soiree promises to build upon past iterations of the event, such as 2016’s “Tree Still Lit,” while expanding its lineup with guest DJ Anthony Mycheal Trinque, aka Zander. Trinque, a Montreal native and seven-year NOLA transplant, has performed at venues citywide, including being a resident DJ for the Church* Sunday night weekly at the Dragon’s Den.

“Zander has been on our list for quite some time now to play at a Dohm show, and he’s been really good to a lot of us individually, especially,” said LaBure. “He’s been a long-time member of Church*; he’s dedicated to the scene, to his music, and to everyone around him appreciating what he does. We’ve honestly just been waiting to put him on a show, and now’s a good time to do it. And he fits for a perfect late-night spot after Sunsabetchez.”

“Yeah, we’ve definitely been keeping our eyes out for local talent that’s just doin’ the thing,” said Pechon. “And we’re trying to spread the word to people who are doing their thing. If we have any spotlight at all, we want to shine it on those people.”

While Zander won’t be mixing holiday tunes into his track list, he’ll still be bringing the holiday spirit by wearing the quintessential ugly Christmas sweater. Though rumor has it that this particular tacky sweater comes with a lightshow of its own, so don’t miss it.

Get lost in the holiday sauce with Sunsabetchez, C-Lab, Zupparty, Zander, and the Dohm Collective extended family at Republic NOLA this Friday, starting at 11 p.m. Tickets are still available for the price of a mere stocking stuffer here.

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