19th Annual French Film Festival Hits New Orleans this July

09:55 June 23, 2016
By: David Vicari

The 19th annual French Film Festival, presented by the New Orleans Film Society, takes place at the Prytania Theatre (5339 Prytania Street) from July 7 to 14.  In partnership with the Consulat Général de France à la Nouvelle-Orléans and the Prytania Theatre, this festival showcases the best in contemporary and classic French cinema.

Movies that are scheduled to be shown include:

Band of Outsiders (Bande à Part) (1964) – Two thugs (Sami Frey, Claude Brasseur) with a penchant for old Hollywood gangster movies convince a languages student (Anna Karina) to help them commit a robbery in what is considered one of Jean-Luc Godard 's most accessible films.

Black Girl (La Noire de...) (1966) – The first film by the Senegalese writer and director Ousmane Sembène is considered the benchmark of African movies by an African filmmaker. In the film, a young Senegalese woman (Mbissine Thérèse Diop) moves from Senegal to France to work as a maid for an affluent French couple.

Eat Your Bones (Mange tes Morts) (2014) – This docudrama features nonprofessional actors which the Hollywood Reporter calls, “a gritty Gallic noir set among the slang-spouting trailer park gypsies of Northern France.”

Francofonia (2015) – Russian Ark director Aleksandr Sokurov examines the history of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation.

The Soft Skin (La Peau Douce) (1964) – François Truffaut is in Hitchcock mode for this intense tale of infidelity.

Valley of Love (2015) – Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu play a separated couple who haven’t seen each other in years but decide to journey together to Death Valley, California, after receiving an invitation from their son Michael, a photographer, who committed suicide six months ago.

Tickets can be purchased online at neworleansfilmsociety.org and prytaniatheatreneworleans.com or at each venue during the Festival. Visit neworleansfilmsociety.org for a complete schedule of movies and show times.

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