$15 and Under: Scrumptious Soft Tacos

00:00 April 20, 2011
By: Kim Ranjbar
[Where Y'At Staff/Provided Photo]

Taceaux Loceaux

There's just something about springtime that makes me crave Mexican food. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of ingredients like cool, chopped lettuce, tomato and avocado paired with spicy carnitas or the probability of pairing it with a Margarita made with freshly squeezed lime (on the rocks with salt please!), but the hankering always gets stronger during this season of renewal.

So when the days get longer and everything's in bloom, my craving for (one of my favorites) a soft taco kicks into full gear. Roaming and rolling through the streets of the city are New Orleans' many food trucks offering hungry wanderers tasty, yet affordable dining and there is one particular truck featuring a huge chalkboard menu listing some of the tastiest soft tacos I've ever tried. Yes, it's Taceaux Loceaux.

Whether you find it hanging out in front of Dos Jefes Uptown Cigar Bar on Tchoupitoulas or lurking in its newest spot on Oak Street near the Maple Leaf—and now with a permanent location inside Chickie Wah Wah (2828 Canal St.)—Taceaux Loceaux is a delicious and unique brand of taco truck. So far, my favorite flavor is "Messin' With Texas", a hand-made flour tortilla filled with juicy, well-seasoned, slow-roasted brisket, shredded cabbage, thin radish slices, fresh cilantro and topped with crema (like a Mexican crème fraiche) and salsa picante. Plus, since the price ranges from $5 to $7 for two, you can try a couple of their incredible tacos and still stay under budget!
Felipe's Taqueria

Whether you visit the location Uptown that's hiding in a corner behind the Frostop on S. Miro Street or the one smack on North Peters on the edge of the French Quarter, Felipe's is a great, non-mobile spot to get fresh, delicious soft tacos in a myriad of combinations at a really great price.

Though their flagship restaurant lies more than 2000 miles north of us in Massachusetts, Felipe's Taqueria has taken off in such a spectacular way here in New Orleans that we might as well claim it as our own. Essentially a fast-food Mexican restaurant, Felipe's differs greatly from others in their emphasis on fresh
ingredients and original recipes that combine to make the perfect soft taco, among other things.

For approximately $1.82 each (add 46¢ for steak, shrimp or fish), you can get a soft taco made from soft corn tortillas garnished with cilantro, red onion and guacamole. You choose the meat from a selection that includes char-grilled chicken, carnitas, chorizo, and Al Pastor (caramelized pork marinated in pineapple, onion and guajillo sauce). You can also add extras like sour cream or shredded Jack cheese. As a huge added bonus, they have limeade made from fresh-squeezed Key limes which they also use in their Margaritas...I'll buy that for a dollar (or two)!

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