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Sensual Finger Foods

06:00 February 12, 2016
By: Kim Ranjbar
When we think of alluring or sexy dining options, traditionally folks will lean towards ultra-elegant restaurants with white linen tablecloths and snooty sommeliers trying to sell you overpriced wine. But, why take that route? Why bother strapping yourself down into tight evening gowns and strangling bow ties when your ultimate goal will be to take it all off later on in the evening? I say don your most comfortable pair of jeans and tie your hair back for a meal that will get you dirty in more ways than one!

Down in the Bywater on Poland Avenue is possibly one of the finest barbecue spots in New Orleans. Owned and operated by Pete and Jenny Breen since 2004, The Joint is a casual, comfortable and delicious restaurant and the perfect place to take your significant other for a debaucherous feast of some juicy, greasy, messy and delicious pork spareribs that will literally knock your socks off.

Can you picture sitting across from your lover on an old wooden bench, sharing a whole rack of ribs? Just watch as she tears the meat from the bone with her teeth, her lips glistening and rouged, her tongue darting to catch a bit of sauce left on the corner of her mouth. Will you even be able to stand it while she sucks the excess sauce from her fingers and then reaches for another rib to begin the visual tease all over again? You can even offer to return to your place after dinner where she can properly clean herself off...

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At St. James Cheese Company, Owners Danielle and Richard Sutton offer customers a wide array of ripe, artisanal cheeses from both domestic and international sources. Let the masters select for you a cheese board (three, five or seven different varieties) that comes with assorted fruits and chutneys, plus a fresh loaf of French bread. Grab a bottle of wine, couple of glasses, some napkins and a knife and you'll be good to go for one of the most amorous meals he'll ever experience.

Stroll through gorgeous Audubon Park and gently veer him in the direction of your chosen, semi-secluded locale. Spread out a comfortable blanket and casually suggest he kick off his shoes, lean back and relax while you offer him a bite of creamy, delectable cheese and a glass of wine. Before you know it he'll be (literally) eating out of your hands.

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