Jun 11 2014

Tastefully Trashy

By: Kim Ranjbar

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Although the idiom commonly refers to dating luck, its literal interpretation also rings true, after all, there ARE a lot of fish in the sea … not to mention the Gulf. With this ideology in mind, co-owner and chef Tenney Flynn of GW Fins Restaurant is hosting a multi-course dinner featuring underutilized, yet undeniably delicious, varieties of seafood available locally. “Some of these fish are so obscure that many people have not even heard of them, but when they are prepared well, they are really wonderful to eat,” says Flynn.

On Monday, June 30th GW Fins will host a “Trash Fish Dinner” in honor of the Eat Local Challenge that is happening all this month. Some of the dishes featured may include whelks, sting ray, blackfin tuna, alligator gar, mullet and more depending upon which varieties are caught and available on June 30th.  It doesn't get any fresher than that! Plus, the chef will be around talking to guests during the course of the feast, educating diners about each unique species being served. The “Trash Fish Dinner” is $40 per person exclusive of tax and tip, plus there will be a “Trashy Cocktail” pairing if diners are interested for an extra $25. 

GW Fins
808 Bienville Street

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